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The 5 Habits of a Poorly Performing Team

by | Dec 13, 2022 | Business, Inclusion, Leader, Leadership, Learning, management

Has the pandemic and the adoption of hybrid work impacted your team’s performance? If your answer is yes, know that you cannot solve a problem without clearly defining it. Start by reviewing the issues below and ask your team to diagnose the problem.

The Key Performance 

  1. Overreliance on email: The habit of communicating only via email. It may seem out of the norm nowadays to pick up the phone to resolve an issue within your team. However, leaders who rely only on text or emails overburden their teams with too much information. Ask: Are we overlying on one channel for communication?
  2. Too many meetings: The habit of accepting meetings without asking about their purpose. People schedule meetings with no clear purpose or agenda. It is common for team members to double-book themselves and attend recurring meetings without reassessing their value. Ask: How many recurrent team meetings will you eliminate from your calendar?
  3. Lack of team connection: The habit of avoiding each other and playing busy. People rarely talk about personal issues or engage in small talk as they consider it a waste of time. Thus, they barely know each other and may fail to recognize the need for help. Ask: Do you feel others have you back on the team?
  4. Lack of Appreciation: The habit of picking on people’s mistakes and ignoring their achievements. People assume that the boss is responsible for positive recognition and fail to recognize each other. Ask: How often do you show appreciation to your teammates?
  5. Fear of retribution for speaking up: The habit of staying silent to avoid discomfort. People only discuss positive aspects of products during product reviews and don’t share negative feedback. This can be a sign of poor psychological safety. Don’t confuse no news for good news. Ask: If you had a magic one and could change one thing, what will you change?

After examining the issues, decide on which one you will focus first and how you will reward the team for practicing the right behavior or discourage them from practicing the wrong habits. Then share this short video with your team to incentivize the right set of habits.

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