Transform Your Organizational Culture 

Change Social Norms & Employee Behavior.

Move beyond education and build a movement towards fostering inclusion, accepting diversity & driving equity.


Diversity Equity & Inclusion ASSESSMENT

You are ready to drive Diversity & Inclusion but don’t know where to start. This work requires organizational commitment, so please don’t just roll-out an unconscious bias training without understanding your employees’ WHY, it could back fired and create resistance towards your efforts. We audit your practices, policies to establish a baseline of your DEI practices. Then, use the data to build an inclusive roadmap that engages all parts of your organization to drive employee commitment.  


We design programs to increase employee awareness of biased systems and skills that lead to fostering inclusion. Our specialty is translating cutting-edge research into real-world actions. Participants in our inclusive leadership training leave with the know-how to positively affect their team’s climate.   

Our signature programs have shown to increase impact in employee and patient experience. For instance, our train-the-trainer facilitator model equips your volunteer diversity team with facilitation skills to conduct dialogues on the following topics: race, disability, gender equity, and LGBTQIA equity.

Inclusive manager

Allyship dialogues


When there is no team cohesion and your approach to team building feels antiquated, is time to hire a consultant. Our expert facilitators help you build trust, resolve conflict and communicate effectively to improve productivity. In our interactive sessions, participants are highly engaged and leave with the tools to adopt new behaviors that positively effect change in your work team.​

Organizations Reach out When:

A manager needs to integrate diverse teams after a re-organization

Team building services are needed to improve team dynamics

Meetings need to be improve


Personal growth in the area of diversity and inclusion requires a relentless pursuit of knowledge and self-introspection to challenge old belief systems and create new mental models. We support employees’ journey fostering a safe space where they ask the most difficult questions & we guide them to develop perspectives. Our coaching programs are integrated into the learning programs to conduct targeted coaching conversations that lead to clear actions. In addition, we support leaders as advisors providing concierge services to their most pressing diversity and inclusion issues. 


Data is the key to driving effective diversity efforts. We conduct statistical analysis to understand your people-related processes over the entire employee lifecycle. Data help us identify your organization’s opportunities and barriers, develop strategy, and monitor progress over time. Our team helps you create a dashboard to monitor your efforts and drive change. 

How we help you succeed

Deliver more than just Trainings

We support you throughout the journey to create systemic change. Although it won´t happen over night…

Maximize economic ROI

Invest in efforts that will enhance your brand’s reputation to avoid costly smears…

Clear metrics

We help you identify the data and generate insights that create clear and attainable goals…

Multi-disciplinary Team

We give you access to a team of researchers, trainers, coaches and program managers using the most advanced tools…

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