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Am I still emotionally intelligent?

by | Dec 13, 2022 | Inclusion, Leadership, management, Soft skills

Am I still emotionally intelligent?

After months of working from home, staying alone has become my comfort zone. I’m not sure if this is your case but for me being asked to join a party or a face-to-face meeting sends me running the opposite way.

Recently, I was invited to a gathering, and I was tempted to decline. After a strenuous mental back and forth, I ended up confirming my attendance a few hours before it began. I was clearly not feeling motivated to attend, even when I knew it was an opportunity to have fun conversations.

After I showed up at the event, I awkwardly walked across people standing in a circle and greeted an old friend I have not seen since the pandemic. At the event, I spent most of my time with two people I knew and felt exhausted making small talk with others. Not even midnight and I was ready to head home. In two years of isolation, I had transformed from a social butterfly to a hermit.

I knew it was not good news because the brain is a social organ that thrives through social interactions. This led me to believe that my ability to manage those interactions had somewhat atrophied diminishing my Emotional Intelligence (EQ). So, in the end,  my EQ score may have lost a few points.

Why it matters?

As a leader, I know that displaying emotional intelligence skills such as empathy and social awareness can have a profound effect on my team’s performance. So, learning to relate again with others will be key to creating a sense of belonging for all.

Is there hope for me? Yes, thanks to neuroplasticity our brain’s ability o change. I have a chance to regain the points through intentional practice. So, I will force myself to attend future events.

If you are wondering what parts of your emotional intelligence have suffered? Check out this video.



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