Manager’s Toolkit: 5 Essential Skills to Lead Using Neuroscience


Course Description

Our  highly experiential and transformative workshops are based on adult learning principles and the latest scientific insights.  Participants will acquire the tools and techniques paramount to leading and influencing diverse organizations.

Online Management Program

  • Manager’s Toolkit: 5 Essential Skills to Lead Using Neuroscience
  • Course Description: Accelerated program based on applied neuroscience helps managers shift mindset and provides them with implementable tools that increase their effectiveness & overall productivity.
  • Certification

Learning Outcomes

  • Adopt a growth mindset & drive employee performance
  • Identify motivational drivers & engage your workforce
  • Reduce wasted time on personal issues & drive collaboration
  • Use proven strategies to hire and retain the best
  • Adopt strategies to increase productivity


Participants receive a certificate of achievement  at the end of the program.

Course Curriculum

Total learning: 17 lessons Time: 10 week
  • Module 1: Leadership Redefined  3 lessons 0/3

  • Module 2: Neuro-Motivate Employees  4 lessons 0/4

    • The neuroscience of motivation
    • Reward systems
    • Motivation techniques
    • Assess your ability to motivate employees
  • Module 3: The Neural Approach to Conflict Management  3 lessons 0/3

    • Conflict in the brain
    • Family systems
    • Conflict management approach & tools
  • Module 4: Hire for Success  4 lessons 0/4

    • Recruitment strategy
    • Recruitment processess
    • Organizational cultureS
    • Selection & alignment
  • Module 5: Time Management  3 lessons 0/3

    • Brain & productivity
    • Habit formation & systems
    • Tools to increase productivity


I loved the program. It guided me during a time of drastic change in my life and helped me improve my skills in an incredible way to achieve my goals.
The Neutral Shifts leadership program was truly valuable and fulfilling at the same time. As a woman of color in a leadership role, I felt this program offered me the support I needed to feel more confident in my leadership position. This program is designed to make you think outside of the box and apply new methodologies to your work. I recommend this program to anyone who is in a leadership role.
This program has raised my self-awareness and helped me shift my behavior to create a more positive & productive team environment that has driven excellent results.
Anjali Englund
The Neural Shifts program has helped me become a better manager. Venus provided practical tools that I can use to motivate employees and manage conflict. I really appreciated the emphasis on self-reflection and I will continue to use the resources from this program as I grow as a leader.
The Neural Shifts training resulted in some enlightening moments about my leadership style and areas for improvement. Now, armed with an actionable toolkit, thoughtful coaching, and helpful resources, I'm committed to changing how I show up as a leader so I can bring out the best in those I work with.
This program was really helpful for a working professional. The group coaching is the best piece of this training, as it allows the opportunity for managers to see how to implement the strategies and tools right away and get feedback on specific situations such as motivating employees, resolving conflict, and taking a look at best hiring practices to create maximum value in an organization. I also appreciated the integration of neuroscience.
VENUS REKOW is a behavioral architect, researcher and facilitator whose passion lies on creating diverse & equitable organizations. She translates scientific insights into actionable best practices. Venus conducts research on psychological safety and inclusion practices to help her clients strengthen their organizational cultures. As the founder of Neural Shifts, she uses her behavioral analytical skills to get to the root of behavior and facilitate meaningful and lasting change. She holds a B.S. in psychology from Boise State University; a M.S. in Organizational Development form Seattle University; a M.S. in Neuroscience from University of Oberta, Spain; and a Certified executive coach form the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and the Neuroleadership Institute.



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